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The first batch of "Industrial Robot Application Engineer" certificates in the country were officially issued

Recently, the first batch of national industrial robot application engineer vocational technical certificates issued by the Education and Examination Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology settled in Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG) Harbin Institute of Technology Haidu Robotics.

Following January 2017, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Manufacturing Talent Development Planning Guide" to clarify the rights, responsibilities and obligations of enterprises in the industry to participate in talent training, and to promote the depth of enterprises in the manufacturing industry. Participate in the formulation of relevant professional teaching standards and personnel training programs, the development of teaching resources such as course materials, and the implementation of teaching. While supporting industry organizations and leading enterprises in the industry to take the lead in formulating evaluation standards for college personnel training and carrying out quality certification work, Harbin Institute of Robotics Haidu Robotics Institute, as the first training and certification institution for industrial robot application engineers in China, has applied for industrial robot application engineers vocational and technical courses. Officially included in the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's talent training project curriculum system. After passing the assessment, each student of the college can obtain the vocational technical certificate of "Industrial Robot Application Engineer" issued by the Education and Examination Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Harbin Institute of Technology Haidu Robotics Institute, as an independent department of Jiangsu Harbin Institute of Technology Haidu Industrial Robot Co., Ltd., is the only independent college under the Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics Group that focuses on the construction of industrial robot education, training and teaching system. It not only has standardized teaching equipment, but also supports systematic Teaching materials, videos, APPs, and teaching websites can change the traditional teaching mode, enrich the teaching activities of teachers and students, and effectively help colleges and universities to improve the teaching quality of industrial robots. Harbin Institute of Technology Haidu Robotics Institute opens classes on a monthly basis, and provides customized training programs for teachers, school students, and social incumbents.

In view of the current situation that China's robot industry urgently needs to cultivate talents in various industries and the serious shortage of teachers in basic education work, Harbin Institute of Technology Haidu Robotics Institute aims to practice the concept of talents supporting the industry, and will enrich the practice around the operation and application of industrial robots. The experience is applied to teaching work to cultivate high-level R&D, management, operation and maintenance talents that are urgently needed in the robotics industry. Zhang Mingwen, dean of the college, expressed the original intention of the establishment of the college and its social responsibility and industry mission.

Dean Zhang Mingwen graduated from the Institute of Robotics of Harbin Institute of Technology and learned from Professor Zhao Jie (Note: Professor Zhao Jie is a doctoral tutor of Harbin Institute of Technology, a Changjiang Scholar, the leader of the intelligent robot subject expert group of the 12th Five-Year National 863 Program, and the 13th The leader of the overall demonstration team for the key special projects of intelligent robots in the five major national research and development plans). Dean Zhang Mingwen has accumulated nearly ten years of practical experience in training in the field of industrial robot education, and is also the first recipient of the national industrial robot application engineer certificate.

In 2017, the successive licensing and operation of the Shenzhen Branch and the Hefei Branch of Hagong Haidu Robotics Institute is an important strategic step for Haidu College to go to the country; , A comprehensive industrial chain of industrial robot education that radiates across the country will be gradually formed, with multiple branches and nearly 100 teaching training and assessment centers operating jointly.

Vigorously developing vocational education and speeding up the development of human resources are important measures to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the strategy of strengthening the country through talents, and to promote employment and reemployment. Adhering to the orientation of employment and deepening the reform of vocational education and teaching is the historical mission given to vocational colleges by vocational education in the new era. Central leaders attach great importance to the construction of manufacturing talent teams. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously cultivate a team of high-skilled talents that support Chinese manufacturing and Chinese creation. Premier Li Keqiang emphasized that building a high-quality industrial workforce is crucial to achieving the Made in China 2025 goal.

Promoting my country's new path of industrialization, strengthening cooperation with vocational colleges, and cultivating professional and technical personnel suitable for enterprises are the social responsibilities that high-tech enterprises need to undertake under the new situation. Harbin Institute of Technology Haidu Robotics adheres to the development direction of characteristic, group-based and diversified school-running, and insists on school-enterprise cooperation in school-running, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development; under the premise of continuously expanding school-running capabilities and improving school-running quality, my country vigorously In the process of developing higher vocational education and striving to build a modern vocational education system, the college has grown by leaps and bounds from being born in response to the situation to gradually becoming stronger.






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