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Core Products

Hardened gear motor

TR, TF, TK, TS series hardened gear motors are applied with advanced German technology and complete processing equipment...

Worm reducer

WP, TST, series worm gear reducers, adopting European and American technology, compact structure, durable, stable transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, strong versatility, with a variety of connection structures...

Precision planetary reducer

TUO high-precision planetary reducer is used in combination with servo motors and stepping motors to play many control occasions. It has the characteristics of low return clearance, high output torque, high efficiency, low noise, etc. It is widely used...

AC gear motor

AC gear reducer motor, specifications: horizontal/vertical (GH/GV) reducer motor; horsepower: 100W-3700W; voltage: single-phase 100V-110V 200V-220V three-phase 2...

Miniature DC/AC Geared Motor

The TUO brand miniature direct/AC geared motors are divided into: single-phase/three-phase induction motors, single-phase/three-phase reversible motors, single-phase electromagnetic brake motors, and stepless variable speed motors.

Inovance Products/Technology

Inovance Technology provides industrial customers with standard industrial automation products such as frequency converters, servo drives and servo motors, PLCs, and touch screens (HMI). Meet customer application in mechanical equipment...

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Dongguan City Extension Sheng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. located in the world manufacturing capital - Dongguan, is a collection research and development,

production and sales of an integrated mechanical and electrical technology enterprises.
Since its establishment, has been committed to the development, production efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendly transmission products,

with a high-quality technology development, technology management and technical team. Germany has introduced advanced technology.


Foundation of German advanced technology and a mechanical technology research team absorbing German superiorities


Devoted to maintaining the sustainable technology innovation of brand with powerful scientific research ability and a rigorous quality system, and keep mighty technology superiority of branded products in modular combinational design and energy efficiency and robust market competitiveness of brand for a long term


Rely on sophisticated German production technology, provide mechanical & electrical transmission products with honorable quality and credit for thousands of users, and become a leading international service brand


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The development trend of mechanization of woodworking machinery manufacturers

The development trend of mechanization of woodworking machinery manufacturers

The development of woodworking machinery in China has been greatly improved, but the quality still needs to be improved in order to occupy a place in the world's woodworking machinery forest. CNC machine tool is to express the requirements, steps and dimensions of parts processing with coded numbers, input into special electronic computer through information carrier, after processing and calculation, send various control signals to control the action of the machine tool, and automatically process the parts according to the requirements of the drawings. come out.

The first batch of

The first batch of "Industrial Robot Application Engineer" certificates in the country were officially issued

Flextronics makes great efforts to build "Industry 4.0" factories


Industry 4.0 is a new revolution aimed at improving the intelligence level of the manufacturing industry and establishing smart factories with adaptability, resource efficiency and genetic engineering. Whoever takes the initiative to take this step in this change may win the future of the manufacturing industry, but how much impact will this change have, and what is its reality? With such doubts, the reporter recently walked into the Flextronics factory located in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Compared with the sensor and the vision system, who is more the "heart" of the industrial robot


Force sensing is less popular than vision systems, although it is as useful as vision, and sometimes more so.





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