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About Us


Join hands with Tuosheng


Create high-quality transmission products and serve various industries. Tuosheng reducer promotes product advantages through agents, seeks regional or industrial partners, expands business fields and scope, and realizes complementary advantages between products and regions.

Welcome agents to join

The brand sincerely invites agents to join in to create new revenue and market opportunities for partners, and through agents to provide customers with a complete operation plan including products, services, technology and marketing, training, sales, etc., to achieve The purpose of common development, "common development, standing together through thick and thin" is the core of our company's cooperation strategy and the criterion for our relationship with our agents.

Qualification requirements for joining

An independent legal entity registered with the local Administration for Industry and Commerce; has a good corporate image, social reputation and industry reputation; has in-depth research and industry application experience in the electromechanical industry; has a certain industry customer channel coverage in specific regions; There are strong social resources in the industry or region.

Agent cooperation guarantee

Tuosheng provides all-round support for various promotion and preferential policies for agents: agents can obtain product publicity materials, test reports, advertising color albums, leaflets, media advertisements, etc. Technicians provide comprehensive training, assist in program design and specific operation, assist in equipment commissioning, and assist in solving on-site practical problems. Agents enjoy the company's lowest supply discount, one-stop supply throughout the whole process, avoiding intermediate operators, and ensuring maximum profits for agents. Strict regional protection system, strict control of agency areas in various places, to prevent disorderly competition. Product quality can be returned or replaced for maintenance, and after-sales service outlets have been established in local-level cities. Timely supply, replenishment, and replacement to ensure the normal sales of agents.






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