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Synchronizer Driver-MD500E


Product Description

The performance of the MD500E series is the same as that of the MD500 series. The main differences are as follows:
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Product Details

The performance of the MD500E series is the same as that of the MD500 series. The main differences are as follows:

·MD500E series inverter can realize encoderless synchronous motor control, making synchronous motor control popular.

·It can accurately identify the parameters of asynchronous induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor (MD500E series), and realize high-performance vector control;

MD500 is a high-performance inverter that integrates the vector inverter technology of Inovance Technology. While maintaining excellent basic performance and functions, the MD500 inverter can easily face the technical and performance problems encountered in various industries and equipment so far, and from the customer's point of view, the ease of use, feasibility Significant improvements have been made in terms of maintainability, environmental friendliness, reduced installation space and compliance with higher design standards.

High performance, high quality, small installation area, high power density design, more in line with the user's personal experience;

It is the main model of Inovance's new generation of inverters. With high-performance current vector technology, it can easily drive induction motors and meet the working requirements in various environments;

·High-standard design in the industry, based on years of accumulated experience in multi-industry applications and persistent pursuit and leadership of drive technology.



Excellent performance

High reliability

Ease of use

Optimized structural design, leading technology platform

High speed stabilization accuracy and wide speed regulation range

Overall thermal reliability

Instantaneous stop and non-stop function

Built-in DC reactor

High-speed output under vector control

Temperature rise test of the whole machine

Overexcitation function

Perfect brake circuit solution

Large torque at low speed, small torque ripple

Three-proof paint automatic spraying process

Achieving complete and semi-separation of VF


Various motor drives

Large margin derating design

Energy-saving application of fans and pumps


Support a variety of PG cards

long life design

The terminal functions are flexible and diverse,


High accuracy of self-tuning motor parameters

Independent air duct design

more comfortable to use


in line with international standards

Flexible application of communication interface


Wide voltage input range

Built-in adaptive PID function module


EMC design specification improvement

Support InoDriverShop background software


Meet CE certification

User programmable card


Meet ROHS Directive

The protection of the whole machine is more perfect







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