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Compact Vector - MD310


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MD310 series inverter performance characteristics:



Small size and high cost performance. Multiple units can be installed side by side, saving space.


High starting torque performance

Speed ​​and torque test at full load: the rated torque of the motor output at full load is 102.4Nm; the measured speed fluctuation of SVC control is 0.2%; the measured speed stability accuracy of SVC control is 0.4%.


Instantaneous stop and non-stop function

This function means that the inverter will not stop during instantaneous power failure. In the case of an instant power failure or a sudden drop in voltage, the inverter reduces the output speed and feeds back energy through the load to compensate for the drop in voltage, so as to maintain the inverter running in a short time.


Perfect braking function

The over-excitation function can effectively suppress the rise of the bus voltage during the deceleration process and avoid frequent overvoltage faults.


Built-in PID function

Built-in PID regulator, with the selection of frequency given channel, users can easily realize automatic adjustment of process control, such as constant temperature, constant pressure, tension and other control applications.


Wobble function

In textile and chemical fiber processing equipment, the use of the swing frequency function can improve the evenness and density of the spindle winding.


Multi-motor switching function

It can store 4 sets of motor parameters, and one inverter can control the operation of four motors in time-sharing.


Timing control function

Timing running function, the running time can be set by parameters and analog quantity.


Supports a variety of fieldbuses

The standard RS485 communication interface supports Modbus RTU communication, and can expand CANopen and CANlink to realize fast bus connection with Inovance products.


Powerful background software

Support inverter parameter operation and virtual oscilloscope function. Graphical monitoring of the internal state of the inverter can be achieved through the virtual oscilloscope.


With input phase loss protection, motor-to-ground short-circuit and motor-phase short-circuit protection functions

Comprehensive protection and reliable operation.


The whole series is equipped with built-in braking unit as standard

Equipped with a braking unit as standard, the user can directly connect the braking resistor without external braking, which saves costs.


Full range of product maintenance and maintenance

The temperature of the module and the radiator can be monitored, and the upper computer can communicate and read and display;

It can accumulate power consumption, running time and power-on time, and read by the host computer communication;

The fan can be powered on or started to run, effectively prolonging the service life of the fan.







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